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    Dr. Pahun ( Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery), is CEO and Founder of Bhuvan Aarogyam Hosptial. She is a dedicated Ayurvedacharya, who believes in eradicating root cause of Roga(Disease) through Ayurveda and Panchkarma Chikitsa. She is an expert ayurveda consultant from Delhi and at present practicing at Jaipur region. She belives in spreading ayurveda to every class, in India and around the world.

    Dr. Pahun is running many projects in rural areas of Rajasthan to spread efficacy of Ayurveda in treating several diseases. She Has written articles at various national forums and is running her hosptial in India. She also visits in other states of India and around the world for seminars, conferences, lectures, with just an aim of 'spreading Ayurveda throughout the world'.

    About Hospital

    Multi-Speciality Clinic

    Bhuvan Aarogyam Hospital is an Ayurveda Institution, engaged round the globe, into the propagation of Ayurveda, the ancient 5000 years old healthcare system of India. Bhuvan Aarogyam Hospital offers Classical ayurveda medicines, Authentic ayurveda treatment, Panchkarma and Tridosha Balancing therapies to patients from all over world.

    Bhuvan Aarogyam Hospital was established under the visionary and expertise of Ayurvedacharya Pahun, in a complete pollution free and hilly areas of Rajasthan, where herbs are grown and harvested, without any impurities. Also ayurveda therapies are done, in a complete natural atmosphere. Bhuvan Aarogyam Hospital also has operations in different areas of authentic ayurveda practice.