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    Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual Dysfunction, Complete Cure Through Ayurveda

    Sexual dysfunction in males can be categorized in four major types:-

    • Erectile dysfunction:-

    Difficulty in getting or holding erection. 

    • Loss of libido:-

    No more interest or desire in sexual activity. 

    • Premature Ejaculation:-

    Early or quick ejaculation of sperm during intercourse. 

    • Low Testosterone levels:-

    Which leads to low sexual stamina, low sexual desire etc.

    Vaajikaran plays a very important role in treating sexual dysfunction. It not only cures physiological sexual illnesses but also deals with the psychological aspect, that's why Vaajikaran is also recommend in the patients of loss of libido. Its also a natural testosterone supplement, and increases production of testosterone naturally.

    You can also consult for proper diagnosis and ayurveda treatment of underlying cause, so that you can attain your lost sexual strength again.