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    Ayurveda Panchkarma

    Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment / Ayurveda, Complete Body Detoxification

    Panchkarma, in ayurveda is a process, which eliminates the root cause of the disease, eliminates vitiated doshas from body and re- establishes tha balance of Tridoshas( Vata, Pitta, Kapha).Panchkarma not only cleanses whole body channels, but also improves metabolism, helps in attaining excellent health.

    Panch karma is a sanskrit word which means "five treatments" or " five shodhan karma". It comprises of :-

    • Vaman Chikitsa (Therapeutic Vomiting)
    • Virechan Chikitsa (Therapeutic Purgation)
    • Basti Chikitsa (Therapeutic Enema)
    • Nasya Chikitsa (Therapeutic Nasal Cleansing)
    • Raktamokshan Chikitsa (Therapeutic Blood Purification)

    Treatment in Ayurveda is mainly of two types:-

    • Shaman Chikitsa
    • Shodhan chikitsa 

    Shaman Chikitsa:-

    If the level of ailment causing vitiated doshas can be managed through herbomineral aushadhis, then it comes under Shaman Chikitsa.

    Shodhan Chikitsa:-

    If the Doshas are vitiated beyond a particular level, which give rise to various toxins. These toxins then starts accumulating in various body channels.
    Which needs to be eliminated at the earliest. In such cases Shodhan chikitsa( Cleansing therapy) is initiated, in which Panchkarma treatment plays an important role.
    Acharya Charak, has described important and use of Panchkarma treatment in almost all major illnesses.

    Panchkarma is completed under three steps:-

    1) Poorva Karma (Preparatory Methods) Which includes:-

    • Paachan (Digestion)
    • Snehan (Internal and external Oleation)
    • Swedan (Fomentation)

    2) Pradhan Karma ( Main Treatment) Which includes:-

    • Vamana (Therapeutic Vomiting)
    • Virechan (Therapeutic Purgation)
    • Basti (Therapeutic Enema)
    • Nasya (Therapeutic Nasal Cleansing)
    • Raktamokshan ( Therapeutic Blood Purification)

    Pashchat Karma (Post-Therapeutic Measures) Which includes:-

    • Sansarjan Karma (specific diet)
    • Dhumapana (Therapeutic Nasal Smoking).